List Of New Page Ideas

This is a list of ideas for new pages that could be added to this wiki:

  • Existing Communities And Projects
  • Problems With Existing Communities And Projects
  • Science 3.0 Wiki Governance
  • List Of People In The Field
  • Problems With Quantum Mechanics
  • Problems With Mainstream Scientific Process
  • Problems With Amateur Scientific Process
  • List Of Amateur Scientific Papers And Reviews
  • List Of Academic Scientific Papers And Reviews
  • Add list of links to videos of interviewees describing what they think is the most likely explanation of what is happening, end to end, in an experiment where a device emits photons at a very low rate and a 1m X 1m detector 10 metres away detects a photon on average once every 10 seconds. I expect a wide variety of explanations, and will be especially interested in where they overlap.


  • The Psychology Of Scientists