List Of Big Project Ideas

From Science 3.0

Jeff Yee (creator of Energy Wave Theory) suggested that any new Science 3.0 type community would benefit from having a big project (with a definable end goal). It may be a good idea to run multiple projects simultaneously in different groups? Here is a list of some possible projects:

Project Details Completion Goal
New source of energy New energy is profitably commercialised
Climate change reversal Temperature stabilises back down to pre industrial revolution levels
Computing power Achieve goal of huge increase in computing power that quantum computers are aiming for, but possibly not using same methods that rely on existence of quantum "weirdness". If new theories give new insights, this could be possible via a different route Computers run at 1 trillion (?) times current speed using same physical and energy resources?
Food and water production Improved understanding of chemistry and biology could lead to new or much cheaper food and water sources. Hunger and thirst eliminated globally.
Secure Communications If the photon is not an indivisible unit, then Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is not secure. If this is the case, then prove this using theory and then experiment and investigate more secure methods of communication (Note: experiment may require using higher powered Gamma Ray photons as described here at