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This page contains a list of Science 3.0 theories, with a quick summary of each one.

Name Description
Energy Wave Theory Models reality based entirely on the wave motion of the aether (space), with particles modelled as standing, longitudinal waves of energy. See here for the author's definition: "a fresh new look on physics, based on the wave structure of matter and a simpler definition of particles, atoms and forces"
The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Physics Models particles as spherical layers of "standing electromagnetic waves" or "trapped photons". The electron is modelled as a large sphere that surrounds the proton and grows in size as it absorbs photons and shrinks as it emits them. The angular speed of the electron surface decreases as it grows and increases as it shrinks - with c being the maximum speed at the smallest size of the electron. Predicts a new Hydrino form of the Hydrogen atom that has energy states lower the currently understood "ground state". The author, Randell Mills, runs a company Brilliant Light Power that has been trying for 25 years to produce energy based on this theory and despite tens of millions of dollars of investment hasn't yet brought a product to market.
Vortex Atom Theory (Barry R Clarke) <Summary of theory to be added here soon....>

Couldn't find a freely available paper or website summarising the theory.

Book: Summary of each chapter visible at

1st Chapter available for free at:-

Wave Structure Of Matter <Summary of theory to be added here soon....>

Websites: and

Only Spacetime <Summary of theory to be added here soon....>

Website: including freely downloadable PDF book. Videos summarising theory at (with very relaxing music!)

John Macken gives summary of his theory in this video on the Fractal Woman YouTube Channel

Ethereal Mechanics (EM) by Robert Distinti the Summary - "Everything is explained in terms of simple mechanics to include Time Dilation (it is not actually time that is dilating ) and Length Contraction (plus others that Relativity missed -- see the Transvariance Paper). There is no need for voodoo physics with silly singularities, probability superpositions, entanglements, spooky actions at a distance or spooky action with no causal explanation at all (Time Dilation, Length Contraction).Relativity has a model for gravity but no model for matter; conversely, Quantum Mechanics/Standard model are an attempt to explain matter; however, there is no model for gravity. This impasse has been going on for 60 years. It is paradoxical to have a model for gravity that is supposedly generated by matter and couples to matter and not have a model of matter that explains how the field is generated or coupled."

Big influence on Lori Gardi who worked with Jeff Yee on Energy Wave Theory (above) More to be added.

Ken Wheeler - Ferrocell DEFINITIONS OF NATURE & ITS PHENOMENA WITH A PRIMER ON COSMOLOGY & ONTOLOGY Copyright 12-2020 Ken L WheelerGot to read and fill this in. Looks interesting.

Lori Gardi discusses this in |}

EPOLA and book Before The Big Bang Ask Lori. See And see

TODO: Distinti did a review of theories at:-

which can be reviewed and the main theories (e.g. Electric Universe) added to the above table.