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About This Page

This page contains suggestions/ideas about how to improve/organise the Science 3.0 wiki.

To make a suggestion: add a heading, your username, the date and the text for any ideas or suggestions you have to the bottom of the Pending Suggestions section below.

Implemented Suggestions are recorded at the bottom of the page.

Pending Suggestions

Add Tooltip-Like References Like WikiPedia Has

Suggested By: Shalsey

Date: 24th Jan 2023

Executed by: <not done yet>

Suggestion: On WikiPedia If you hover over a reference you will see it creates a convenient pop-up where you can verify the source of the reference and click on the link to it if you want. Try hovering over the references at

This feature isn't currently enabled on the Science 3.0 wiki but could be enabled by the Admin (see and for details of how the Admin could do this). If you click on the reference at e.g. you will get taken to it in the list of references at the bottom of the page, which isn't as nice.

Update Logo From Current Flower Symbol

Suggested By: Shalsey

Date: 24th Jan 2023

Executed by: <not done yet>

Suggestion: Fix the flower symbol/logo and replace with something more Science 3.0ey.

Implemented Suggestions

Adding Ability To Visually Edit Page (by adding VisualEditor extension)

Suggested By: Shalsey

Date: 22th Jan 2023

Executed by: Shalsey

There is an extension to the MediaWiki software that runs the called VisualEditor, which gives a WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which is much nicer. This is the one WikiPedia uses by default.

This can be enabled by any Admin user of the Wiki by reading:-